McAllister Avenue, Kentfield, CA

Single Family

Waterford Associates purchased this single family home from the original owner during the heart of the most recent recession. It is located in Kentfield, one of the highest median priced cities in California. This 1950′s era home received a complete renovation starting from the rough framing.  Prior to the renovation, it had not been touched in more then 60 years. Now it contains completely new infrastructure including: new bathrooms, family room, dining room, fireplace, kitchen, and all new exterior flatwork & landscaping. Given the age of the home and extent of the renovations, additional foundation supports, a steel moment frame, and all new infrastructure for plumbing, electrical, and gas were necessary. This resulted in a completely modern home within the shell of the original. Experience shows  that an ongoing commitment to quality construction contributes in a major way to good planning, project efficiency, and cost effectiveness that results in successful projects of all sizes like this one.